I'm Mark Patrielle Bueno Salada. Based in Hamilton, Ontario. This is a collection of my original fashion, graphic design and photography that I feel encapsulate my personal vision. Throughout my career thus far, I’ve explored various avenues of fashion and culture. Having started sewing at the age of 16, I then created a fashion and lifestyle blog at 18, attended college in Toronto for fashion design, and have worked in retail and visual merchandising world throughout the years. I’m self-taught in photography and graphic design as well, having worked on private events, concert posters, business cards, portfolios, and editorials.
Today, I am focusing that vision on graphic and fashion design as I start designing and offering my services to new clients. My proficiency in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as my fashion savvy, have allowed me to continually provide clients with elevated technical designs, advertisements, and personal style.
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